now playing: Rise Against - Appeal to Reason

now playing: Rise Against - Appeal to Reason (Coke Bottle Clear pressing)

Sometimes the music just finds you. In 2009, I relocated to a rural part of southwest Indiana for a job. One of the lone bright spots during my 18 or so months there was an alt rock college radio station I picked up from nearby Mount Carmel, IL - Wabash Valley College's 89.1 The Bash. And their heavy airplay of Savior made me a Rise Against lifer.

Few albums invoke a unique emotional response each time you hear it. Appeal to Reason fits the bill for me. It's raw and aggressive. It's direct and unapologetic. Growing up with a heavy influence of punk and 90s alternative, the album makes a perfect hybrid in my book.

And there are no sleepers. The tone is set from the opener on Collapse (Post-Amerika). Prepare to be smacked in the mouth, in that way that only great music can. And if you haven't heard the call to arms by the time you get to Whereabouts Unknown, you may need to check your pulse.

So headphones on for this one - especially with an album mixed as well as Appeal to Reason.

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